Back to the Classics Challenge: Persuasion

Ah, Persuasion. The under-appreciated Austen novel. Which is kind of ironic considering how Anne is the under-appreciated heroine in this book. But I really do like both Anne and the novel even if I forget it sometimes. I knew I read Persuasion in high school and when I made my list of books for the Classics Challenge, I was thinking I hadn't read it since but I recently realized I read through all of them back when Lucy was first born. And then of course I had to watch all the movies. That's really the big "problem" I have with Jane Austen. I can't seem to just read or watch one of her stories without going on to read them all. The struggle is real.

But every time I read this one, it grows on me more. First of all, I love Anne. If I had to describe myself as Jane Austen character, I probably would still say Elinor (which is the real reason why Lucy's middle name is Elinor. Yes, spelled like that!) but I could easily say Anne too. They are actually quite similar in character and personality I think, just different in circumstances because while Elinor is different from her mother and sister, she still has a good relationship with them and while they may not understand her, they do understand that they need her. But Anne, she's all alone. But she's so good. What else is good about Persuasion. Well, uhm, let's see - The Letter. And yes, I think it really needs to be capitalized like that. I'm not really normally a big "Romantic moment" type gal, more of an appreciate the everyday sort. But even I swoon at The Letter. It just can't be helped.

I also appreciate that it seems to be less about outside circumstances and more about our two main characters thoughts. Now, I say "seems" because I think you could make the case otherwise and there are some things that need to line up, like a certain other couple falling in love, but unlike other Austen works where I might be actually wondering how things would align so my characters could be happy at the end, in this, for the most part, we're just waiting for our main couple to figure things out. But I love how we get to watch that unfold. Add in the idea of regrets and living with past decisions, right or wrong they might have been or seemed at the time you made them, and this really is a book that ages well with a person. Those are things that are just easier to relate to the more you experience life.

Or maybe that's not it at all. Maybe it just seems fresher because I haven't read it as much as Austen's other works. Actually, I think that's my big problem with Jane Austen. I've read them all already. Oh Jane. You were gone too soon.

Persuasion was my Re-read a Classic from School selection. Head over to Books and Chocolate for more reviews!

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  1. Sometimes I think Persuasion is my favorite. So much to love there. And the movie adaptation is particularly good, too, which helps.

    Honestly, my favorite Austen is probably whichever one I happen to be reading. Except Mansfield Park which just WILL NOT grow on me, no matter how many time I try and how open I try to be about Fanny's character.