Jude @ 3 months

Dear Jude,

You're three months old now and quite the happy little guy. You're super smiley and are starting to giggle and laugh, especially when your siblings talk to you. You love to lay down and watch them playing all around you. I think your my most vocal baby so far. You love to "talk" to us.

You're a great traveler. Before you had even turned 3 months old, you had been to 9 states! You just snug all up with a blankie and your car paci and enjoy the sights until you drift off. I think we really only had 2-3 small bouts of crying during the 26 or so hours we drove. The last 10 minutes of each trip was full out screaming which made everyone glad it was confined to that short time.

Sleeping through the Smoky Mountains

Funny thing about the pacifier though, you won't even consider taking unless you are in the car seat. Swaddled in the swing - what is this piece of plastic? Get it away from me! Half swaddled in the car seat driving down the road - my favorite thing ever. The paci! In the car seat inside with my rocking in with my foot, paci is still good. So it's the car seat itself that seems to tell you its paci time. You don't really need the paci though, you have fingers. You love to suck and chew on your hands. Which is why you probably like being on your back best.

 You're starting to tolerate tummy time more, especially when you have a brother or sister to watch but you still much prefer your back. Although you also really want to roll over from your back to your belly. You can only get about half way before you get stuck but its fun to watch you try...except when you insist on trying during diaper changes and make things difficult there.

Ready for the wedding!

You're pretty social and loved being passed from aunt to cousin to aunt during our most recent wedding events until you needed a nap in the ring sling on mommy. Although I think we might need to shift from ring sling to boba as your getting pretty heavy. You were just shy of 16 lbs at your well baby visit two weeks ago so I'm pretty sure you've passed that now and are in 6-9 month clothes. And the red/strawberry blond hair is sticking around so far although you've got the classic baby bald strip in the back.

You did miss your swing while we were gone though. You take your best naps in the swing and just start smiling and wiggling when I put you down. But while you're a good napper, you're not the best night time sleeper. Not the worst I've had, but not the best either. You probably get up 2-3 times a night on average but it could be more than that.

But you don't really have any witching hour or typical fussy period at all which is kind of amazing. After that first month of crankiness, I guess you got it out of your system. Even your evenings are fine. You often fall asleep around 6:30pm and that might be your bedtime or it might be one last nap until 9ish. Then if you do get up, you eat and lie around next to me in bed while I read then you drift off to sleep by yourself. I'm used to having to work hard to get my littles on to fall asleep in the evenings so as long as you want to keep this up, I won't complain!

You have practically a million nicknames including smoosh, smooshums, bug-a-goo, baby boy, judy-jude, little dude. But whatever we call you, we all love you a lot!