Logan Logo

My fair city has debuted its new logo and slogan, created at a cost of approximately $25,000. The total cost for this plus a website redesign was $57,000. Here it is:

Now, this logo is all fine and well, but it's not worth $25,000. And that slogan is meaningless and lame. Here's the new website.

My plan for creating a new logo would have been this: Have a contest at the local high school, with a grand prize of a $200 gift certificate to the mall. We would have gotten something just as good, and saved about $24,800. But governments don't seem to be in the money-saving mindset, at any level, these days.


  1. I am a graphic designer by trade, and that is actually a reasonable cost for re-branding and re-design. (The logo itself isn't very good though, and looks amateurish in it's type treatment and imagery.)

    I know from living here most of my life, that Graphic Design is not a respected trade in Cache Valley, so your comment that high-school students and $200 gift certificates are sufficient to create an effective logo and brand is not surprising at all.

    That is why a majority of the local advertising and branding is so tacky or ineffective. Either they can't afford good design (which is valid), or the business has no idea of the value of good design.

    I guess I can understand why the logo isn't very good... all of the good designers have moved away after graduating from USU. I work in SLC myself.

    The website redesign cost is actually pretty inexpensive too.

  2. Actually, looking at the website, and reading more about the promotional materials used for the new brand, the city got a great deal. The logo is still bad on its own.

  3. I have no problem with the website or its cost. My concern is the logo. I don't mean to suggest that high school students are as good as professionals; I just think the city could find better ways to spend taxpayer money, and the contest I suggested would have met the city's needs.

  4. I can see what you mean. It is our money they are spending after all.

    It looks like they are attempting to generate revenue by making Logan's image more attractive to people and business that may be looking for a place to set up shop. Generating jobs and other forms of money for the people and city.

    I hope that it is not at the cost of our agricultural economy, because although I work in a high-tech industry, I know where the food on my table comes from.

  5. ... apart from what I think of the logo.

    They could have done better design-wise, but it isn't an expensive brand by any means (it is accompanied by design materials outside of the website that are usually worth more than the city paid for the whole package).