Feeble mind or boring town, you decide.

Craig had to go out of town on a business trip. That means I am home by myself until Monday morning and I am soooo bored. I shouldn't be complaining (but if you read the rest of this post, you will see I am anyway), Craig is having to spend his time camping and hiking at night through the woods counting owls hoots or something. But because I am bored, you get to read all about the littlest things I am doing this weekend.

Yesterday was probably my last day of subbing. Once Craig gets back we are heading off to camp again till Wednesday and I don't supposed anyone will want a sub the last day of school. Leaving the school yesterday afternoon, I was sad. I like subbing. It was really hard at first but now that I have gotten used to it, I really like it and I think I'll miss it.

This morning I got up early to go the local sports store. They had a big sale and Craig wanted me to get him some stuff. I got there 10 minutes before it opened and there were already 20-30 people there. It was like the day after Thanksgiving or something. Luckily, once the doors opened I was able to quickly evade the crowd, and grab one of only two of the backpacks that were on sale 60% off. I even got the better color (navy is so much more of a camping color than bright mustard yellow). Two seconds later two women came up and tried to find them but alas, there was only one left. I left to get in line before I saw the result, hopefully the loser nicely gave up the fight but who knows when it comes to sales.

So that has been my exciting weekend so far. For the future, I have a little bit of scrap booking, some episodes of "All Creatures Great and Small" from the library to watch (one of best series of books in the entire world, made into a very good television series) and cooking to do to fill the time. And don't think I am going to make something simple like spaghetti. I have lots of time to waste so I have decided to try and make fried chicken. Hopefully it is edible and doesn't just make a huge mess. I will probably write the results later as I assume I will be bored then too. There is some quote about how being bored is just a sign that one has a feeble mind or something...it is a total lie.


  1. I made the chicken. It was good.

  2. I can vouch that MacKenzie did a great job shopping on Saturday.