Who To Cheat With?

In the wake of the Gov. Eliot Spitzer (D-NY) prostitution scandal, there was a story in the paper that said that the incident was causing couples to talk about infidelity, standing by your man, loyalty, and other such issues. After reading this article, I decided to start a deep discussion, so I asked MacKenzie the following question:
Would you rather have me cheat on you with A) a prostitute or B) someone else (co-worker, friend, girl from the bar, etc.)?
I don't think that's exactly what the authors of the article had in mind, but whatever. MacKenzie chose option B, because she says option A is more likely to get her infected with diseases. I thought option A would be better from her perspective, because it would merely be a transaction, rather than some kind of emotional experience that could become a long-term affair.

What do you think? Which would be preferable?


  1. A. Definitely.

    I can see the appeal of no diseases but I still vote for A for the reasons Craig stated.

    It would be easier to deal with in a way.

  2. I hate hypotheticals, but in this case it wouldn't really matter because you wouldn't be ALIVE very long if I found out! :)

  3. I see MacKenzies very good point, but I say A as well. Even though, if you did have an affair w/ a prostitute and got a disease, she'd know you cheated on her, and could then dump your butt on the curb. If you slept with someone you knew, who was std free, then she may not find out (because hey, if you're cheating on her, you're probably lying about it too) and that would just be wrong.

  4. Okay Craig, you didn't listen at all. That was not my reason for picking "A."

    While B would probably involve you having an emotional affair too, I think I would be able to understand your need for something that you must not be getting at home - at it probably isn't sex. It seems like most men really have affairs because that aren't treated like men at home (or even an adult) and they aren't given respect. I don't think that is a good enough excuse to have an affair, I don't think there is a good enough excuse, but I do think it is at least logical and potentially something that could be fixed in a relationship.

    If you choose to sleep with a prostitute, I don't think I could ever look at you the same. Those woman are someone's daughter, sister, hopefully not but probably someone's mother and they are obviously really in need of something (money, way to dull pain, etc) to get to the point of prostitution, even if they don't even see it. To use a person for you own physical needs at their expense, when they are so absolutely low that they would sell themselves is pretty much beyond comprehension to me as a sleazy thing to do.

  5. Also, the way you two budget, there would be no $$ for choice A, and certainly no coupons!

  6. With MacKenzie's additional input, thiss gets tougher. I guess it would hurt me more in the case of B, but I would respect EVEN LESS in the case of A. Getting a prostitute would make it seem like he was just fulfilling some kinky, base desires. So maybe B would give a better chance of reconciliation (if there would be a chance in either case), because if it were an emotional thing instead of a purely sexual thing, I would be more prone to believe it wouldn't happen again, since it's more possible to end a relationship than an addiction.

    As to STDs, if he chose a real "escort service" (or went to Nevada) rather than picked someone off the street, he might be less likely to get an STD since they'd get checked so often, than if he slept with the office ho.

  7. OK, the coupon comment is HILARIOUS.

  8. Coupons, no, but there's got to be some sort of early-bird discount (say, before 5 pm).

  9. Maybe no coupons... but I bet you could get a two-for-one deal.


    I vote for A.

  10. Craig, that early bird special is only good in Florida, likewise the senior citizen discount. LOL