Vaca Recap - Part 1

As promised, here is a not-so-quick recap of our week. Now, I will warn you, it isn't for the faint of heart. So if you choose to read all the details, don't say I didn't warn you. It could be potentially very boring and full of family pictures. I haven't written it yet so I couldn't say for sure.

Day 1:
We did a quick tour of downtown, checked out the antique bookstore, the tabernacle area, etc. We also did the famous town "food tour" consisting of Gossner's for some cheese and flavored milk, cox for some tasty honey, ending with the ever delicious Aggie ice cream. I maybe a different type of Aggie, but ice cream is really a food that brings people together. We also went to the di where I did really well, but that isn't really the point. (Although if pressed, I would reveal that I got a American Eagle 3/4 sleeve jean jacket that still had the tags on it, a cute shirt for spring, and a Tommy Hilfiger denim skirt that is the perfect just barely above the knee length - an item I have been looking for almost a year now, it was a good di day.) The older boys (my dad, Craig and my brother Rick) played Quizzo at the bar, those heathens.

Day 2:
Salt Lake City. We split up for the morning with the older boys going to the family history library and working on boring genealogy stuff. Yuck. So Ben, Mom and I went shopping instead. After lunch we met up again and walked around temple square. It was a bit raining that day but we managed to squeeze in a tour between showers. My parents and brothers only knew the basics about the LDS church so it was a good opportunity for them to understand a little more about the different culture Craig and I live in. It was also interesting for me to see things from their view. My mom took the chance to get a few family pictures.
Aren't we cute?
Here is on in front of the temple. She was trying to get both us and the temple in the same picture. It isn't very good (no offense, Mom) but then some older gentleman came and saw we were struggling so he offered his assistance. Here is his picture. It gets all of us and temple in view, but honestly, I'm not sure if it is much better.
On the tour we saw the tabernacle, which was a lot smaller than I thought it would be. We also saw this statue of Jesus. It was quite big.
I hate to be sacrilegious or anything, but doesn't it look like something is wrong with Jesus' chin?I think the two girls giving the tour (or whoever wrote their script) were really afraid we would think they worshiped things as they used the phrase "of course, we don't worship..." quite a few times, in reference to this statue, Joseph Smith, and the prophets in general. After the tour and a brief trip through the Mormon museum, we then finished the day by getting some coffee - ironic huh?

Day 3:
Skiing. It was a blast. Ben hadn't been since he was little so his first trip down he took his time. After that, he speed things up and was the first to the bottom almost every other time. He didn't quite get the hang of holding on to his stuff while on the lift and lost his gloves and a pole. This lead to Rick and I going down a black diamond in an attempt to retrieve them. It was a bit challenging for me but I managed fine until we got near the spot where it was dropped. We had to get close to the poles where it hadn't been groomed and it was so thick. I could barely manage to move and I heard some people on the lift talking about how I looked to scared to go down. I wasn't scared people, I was searching for a lost pole! Geez. It was a good day too, except the boys forgot to wear sunscreen and ended up a little roasted. Here are some pictures of them later than night, showing up their puzzle solving skills.
I think red becomes them. Okay, that is enough for now. Stay tuned for part two of our adventures.


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  2. Gotta love spam comments. :S

    That sounds like a lot of fun.

    I love Gossner's cheese curds.

  3. yes congratulations on your likable and interesting blog :) so there is a place that you can specifically get honey and flavored milk? how do they flavor milk? other than chocolate, strawberry and vanilla?

  4. Gossner's is a local dairy plant where you can buy cheese and cheese related products, like flavored milk and they have a bunch of flavors: orange cream, cookies and cream, mango, banana, root beer. I think the root beer is the weirdest. It tastes like root beer and it tastes like milk - and still isn't gross like it sounds, but it is very confusing to the tongue.

  5. Well, personally, I like long stretches of sidewalk. :-)