Stupid Saturday

I'm glad Craig is back. When he is gone, things always seem to happen. The truth is they happen when he is here too, but then I let him get all frazzled and deal with them while I say "Oh, everything will be fine." If he is gone, then I'm the one who has to straighten the out.

I drove him down to the airport so that I would not be car-less this weekend. After all, I had things to do and people to see. But on the way back, it started acting all funny. I hate traffic and was already stressed out enough dealing with all those cars without that too but I just started up my "little engine that could" talk repeating, "please make it home, please make it home, you can do it little car, I believe in you". We made it home and Friday it was fine, drove to work and home with no problems. Saturday I lounged around all afternoon before finally getting all fancied up. I get in the car - nothing. It's not going anywhere. Stupid car. To be fair, I may have left one of the overhead lights on Thursday night but if that was what caused my battery to die, wouldn't it have been dead on Friday, not Saturday? I am choosing to blame the car and not myself.

I didn't get to go to my friend's party, I didn't get to rent a movie and buy ice cream afterwards, I didn't get to buy flour so that I could make Craig homemade wheat bread for his return. My plans were crumbling. Did I get mad or upset? No, I went back inside, changed back into pajamas and found something to eat for dinner - an orange and Ghiradelli triple chocolate brownies. That's a complete meal you know, the orange is a fruit, the brownies a carb, and I had a glass of milk too so that gives me dairy and protein. I am all about taking care of my body.

Sometimes you need days to yourself and just need to not see anybody but this really wasn't one of those days. I felt so confined. I needed human interaction. So I watched Pride and Prejudice. Make believe people are great when you can't get the real thing. And Jane Austen make believe people are almost the real thing to me anyway.

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  1. Dude. Your plan B sounds freaking awesome.