Exciting Blog Giveaway!

I am a subscriber and fan of Money Magazine. I like their straightforward, sound advice on spending, saving, and investing (I don't like their list of best places to live, however). I just received an offer in the mail through which, by renewing my subscription, I can get a free 1-year gift subscription for a friend. MacKenzie and I would like to give that subscription (estimated value: $24.95) to one of you readers.

Here's how to enter. Leave a comment below telling us how you plan to spend your economic stimulus check, which will be sent out by the government this summer. This check will be worth $600 per person ($1,200 per married couple), along with $300 for each kid, as I understand it. If you won't be receiving a check, then tell us how to spend ours. If you have any friends that need sound financial advice, send them here to enter this giveaway. We will randomly draw a winner from the entries we receive.

Deadline for entry is Friday at 5:00 pm Mountain time.


  1. craig, i'd love this subscription...i like reading about that kind of stuff. i also love giving away subscriptions when i can. in fact, i think i've got an oprah one to give away soon! i know how much you love oprah.

    paul and i plan to spend our checks on a vacation...the honeymoon we didn't go on yet.

    otherwise, i'd just save it. and i still might just save it.

  2. I am planning on spending this also on a vacation. Although it won't help the US very much. I am planning on spending it on my trip to Europe. I haven't seen a bunch of my family in 9 years since they all live in France.

    Plus I plan to buy a lot of beer with it. /smile

  3. Add Ryan and I to the vacation list. We're using ours to fund a long weekend in New England for his cousin's wedding and a Red Sox game.

    We were already planning on going, so I don't actually know if using the money for that counts toward the "saving our economy today by screwing our future" goal of the stimulus plan. I guess you could say we're saving it, in a way, because we're putting the money we would have spent on the trip in savings.

  4. That sounds like a great magazine. We are going to put the cash towards debt.

  5. Emily A (from ND)March 6, 2008 at 9:34 PM

    First of all, I am not getting a stimulus check, nor at this point in my life do I have an income. Yet I continue to spend going further into debt. But the light at the end of the tunnel is in sight- One day not too long from now I will start making some money! My problem is- I don’t know what to do with that money besides spend it, & I’m getting quite good at that. But someday I hope there will be other people besides myself in my life to think about & save for, & I’d like to learn more about what options are out there & some better ways to save.

    As for what I think you should do with your stimulus check- I have about the same reply- I have no clue!! And that’s why I should get the subscription- because as far as money goes, I’m clueless! (I just re-read & realized it’s a random drawing, but I hope I made my case!)