Vindication from The Onion

I've always wondered why the women's clothing store Dress Barn chose that name. To me, it conjures up images of large women buying mu-mus. Well, according to The Onion, that name has affected their stock price (note: The Onion is fake news - that is, satire, as opposed to New York Times style fake news). I can't find the story online, so I'll transcribe it for you:
Shares for the women's apparel retailer tumbled to a new quarterly low as yet more women recoiled from the association between fashion and farm animals.


  1. I don't think even the dress barn is as poorly named as the clothing line "Sag Harbor" - that's just so very bad.

  2. I said the exact same thing about Dress Barn on Friday. (Not the mu-mu part, though). I mean really, who does that?

    Though MacKenzie does deserve credit for Sag Harbor. I'd never made that connection before.

  3. yeah, sag harbor is pretty bad. But I agree, "dress barn" does sound like bargain mumus. Im always surprised when I peak inside and see dresses that actually don't look awful.

  4. And here I had always that Dress Barn was like the Tractor Supply store for wives of farmers and ranchers!