TV Ripoff?

Note: See comment #4 for some inside information on this.

There's a show debuting this weekend on the National Geographic Channel called "Aftermath: Population Zero." It's about what would happen to the Earth if all people disappeared. Basically, it will tell you how fast things decay; buildings, cars, etc., as well as what will happen to wild and domestic animals. It looks pretty interesting, but I'm not going to watch it for two reasons:
  1. I don't have the National Geographic Channel.
  2. The History Channel did the same exact thing a few weeks ago with "Life After People."
Seriously, the previews for the NGC show look just like what I saw on the HC. I learn from some blog comment that both of these shows are similar to Alan Weisman's book, "The World Without Us," as well. What's up with that?


  1. Tv shows rip each other off all the time.

    Especially between countries.

  2. That is true with the networks (Fox seems to be the worst) but I would have expected better from National Geographic.

  3. Well, those small, narrowly-focused cable channels just don't have that much to work with.

    And Fox is terrible about that. It even rips itself off (see: American Dad, which is a more terrible Family Guy, which is a more terrible Simpsons).

  4. I know the folks at Nat Geo - no one ripped each other off - these shows have been in production for over a year - there was a race to see who could get first when they found out they were both doing the same concept. This isn't like a broadcast network stealing a concept - these shows take a lot longer to producer

  5. Thanks for the info, anonymous commenter. So it looks like a situation where NGC unfortunately finished second, opening themselves to the appearance of unoriginality. I suppose one who thinks they copied the History Channel would have to think they put together the series in an impossibly short amount of time.