Successful Sunday

I felt like that last post was a little whiny so I want to balance it out with a description of my Successful Sunday. It was much better that Saturday. My friends picked me up and took me to church then jumped my car afterwards. We were quite proud of ourselves for successfully jumping a car although I did have to call my dad for some advice midway through. All those instructions and warnings on the cables box are really not very good at giving one confidence but we made it through with anything exploding and no one being blinded. I call that a success.

Afterwards I had to drive around town to charge it up. I thought it would be boring but it was fun. I had nowhere to be and could go where ever I wanted. I went down a street, then turned around and went back the same way. I got lost in NoLo but it didn't matter. I knew I would find my way out eventually. It was very freeing.

I then did a little cleaning and quilting and took a little nap. The general Sunday goodness. Then headed off to my church young adult group's bi-monthly dinner. It was a Seder supper so I ate parsley dipped in salt water followed by some yummy horseradish. Okay, so not all the food was that great but the main meal was, especially since I didn't have to cook it. Besides, it's one of those meals that isn't so much about the food but the experience. To learn about what Jewish families have been doing for thousands of years while they wait for the Messiah to come, and then to realize that we don't have to wait anymore! It got me all in the Easter mood.

Then Craig came home. That was good enough but he brought me a present - some little bottles of alcohol. I love little bottles of alcohol. You see, I don't like to drink a lot but if I do, I am partial to a Bacardi and Sprite, heavy on the Sprite - enough so that you can't really taste the rum. But I don't want to buy a whole big bottle just for one drink and you can't buy the little things here in Utah. He got me two little bottles of rum and that will probably last me over a month. He's so thoughtful. So that is my successful but random Sunday. My point - I guess the weekend wasn't totally bad.

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