My weekend, bullet style

  • Went to a Thesis Art show to celebrate a friend's talents and hard work. Yah for Friend!
  • Ate yummy food cooked by friend's wife to celebrate friend's talents and hard work. Yah for Friend's wife (who, least you be confused, it also a friend)!
  • Ate homemade cinnamon rolls for breakfast. Yum!
  • Ran errands, including successful trip to Sam's Club (thanks for all the tips, it helped)
  • Hair cut and style - lookin' cute
  • Cleaning, cleaning, cleaning because 1) it needed it 2) it's spring 3) my parents are coming
  • Hastily drove to work as forgot to check on test on Saturday like planned. Oops.
  • Fixed work problem. Breathed.
  • Cleaning, cleaning, cleaning.
  • Took shower and tried to style new cut. Not as cute as before. Will work on it
  • Old school, yet scandalous Star Trek.
  • French Puffs. Yum.
  • Nap, Gilmore Girls, Nap.
  • Got all excited for new Jane Austen movie.
  • Confused when Jane Austen movie had Sherlock Homes in it.
  • Disappointed because Jane Austen isn't back until end of month.
  • Ate ice cream and felt better.
  • Early bedtime - ready to start week!


  1. we had cinnamon rolls too on saturday, but they were not homemade. At least not at our home, Pop 'n Fresh may have home made them though. Does Craigs good news involve a certain trip he made? Or am I not allowed to ask since you haven't blogged it yet?

  2. Ah yes, the post-wash haircut letdown. I know it well...

  3. Amanda - I liked the cinnamon rolls but not enough to spend the energy making them again - the kind in the can are really good too, and so much faster.

    Tina - It happens so often you would think I would be emotionally prepared for it, but I never am.