Enemy Territory

I was kind of excited to hear that Texas A&M will be playing BYU in the NCAA tournament. Being close to Salt Lake City, I'm in the BYU media market, so I'm hearing about the game from the Cougar perspective. They apparently fear A&M, as they well should. Plus, they haven't won an NCAA game in 15 years or so. BYU was a #8 seed last year, just like this year, and they lost, just like they will this year.

My location also means I'll definitely get to watch the game on TV, instead of having to watch some other game that I care less about. Of course, if it wasn't on TV, I could watch it on the internet, because of the best invention ever, March Madness on Demand, which allows me to watch all the games on the internet. Do you have your VIP pass?

I will be especially interested in hearing the local post-game reaction after we take BYU down. It will be enjoyable.


  1. Hey, I'm not a fan of BYU so I guess I'd be fine cheering for Texas A&M with ya!

  2. Sigh....more sports posts. Woo.

    J/K. Be sure to share any insider info you get from living in hostile territory with coaches/players.

  3. Go Aggies! Oh, USU lost.... Go Texas A&M Aggies! I think BYU needs to be taken to the woodshed, if for no other reason than for not playing USU in basketball for the last few years.