Vaca Recap - Part 2

Day 4:
Saturday we headed off to Hardware Ranch, where the state of Utah feeds a few hundred Elk each winter. You can take sled rides around the area while they talk about the elk and what happens at the ranch. Don't worry Craig, elk aren't carnivores.
Then here are my parents and Ben, who aren't afraid of the elk, but who are apparently afraid that the camera will suck their souls out. Either that or some elk is being awful crazy behind them. It was the last day it was open for the season so we were lucky, both to make it before it closed, and because being that late in the winter the elk were starting to shed their antlers. This poor guy was all lopsided, hopefully he will lose the other one soon. This is a girl so she didn't have any antlers to lose, but she's does look a bit worn out from the winter. I still think she is pretty though and I bet a number of those bulls will soon too.
Because they are being fed, the area is more densely packed than you would find in nature. It is fun for us, but these two guys needed a break from all that commotion so they went to find some solitude by the mountains. Luckily for them, it's not too far of a walk.
And I definitely saved the best for last with these two pictures. Here is Craig doing his Elk Impersonation. I think he's pretty good.
And here we are posing in front of the sled horses. I think Ben referred to that as his "underwear model pose." That boy cracks me up.

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  1. OM GOSH!

    that pic of craig and the elk... LOL.