Commitment to Journalism

From yesterday's Herald Journal, previewing the upcoming issue of Cache Magazine:
With art taking form from something as simple as cut paper to masterpieces in print-making, one Herald Journal reporter chose to see how artists were inspired by the classic sculpting of the human body. But rather than using a traditional approach to grasp the essence of the artwork, she chose to observe a day at work of her own brother, a nude model for a USU art class.


  1. I read that this morning and I guess he still had on his undies. But I have to say that it still pretty weird.

  2. First of all, there's got to be a less gross way to find out about art. I mean, surely her nude model brother has some nude model friend she could shadow instead. Second of all, if he had his underwear on--worst nude model ever.

  3. He had his underwear on because it is a sculpture class so it is taking them a couple weeks or so to do him and they just started so they haven't gotten that high yet. I'm not saying it isn't weird and gross but I just want to make sure we give a fair representation of the events.

    I do think Rachel's idea of finding a friend of the brothers sound like a good plan.

  4. That was in response's to MacKenzie's last statement. You stole my thunder, Ryan :)

  5. zuh! = zomg!

    just so you know.

  6. Yeah, Craig, now your comment sounds like: it's creepy, especially if her brother is hot. Which just adds another weird dimension to the whole thing.