Nothing Like the Real Thing

I've always wondered why vegetarians eat fake meat. You know, like tofu hot dogs or tofurkey. If you want to be vegetarian, go ahead and embrace it. Be proud of your meatless lifestyle. Don't try to fit in by pretending you're eating meat. It makes you look sad.

On a similar vein, we see Utah State's student council sponsoring Root Beer Pong. Just like beer pong, only with root beer. If you don't want to drink, or don't believe in drinking, why pretend you are drinking, or that you are playing drinking games? Embrace your alcohol-free lifestyle. Don't try to fit in with "normal" college students. It makes you look kind of pathetic.


  1. My vegetarian roommate seems mostly to use fake meat when trying to make certain recipes, like beef stroganoff or tacos. Also, it's hard for vegetarians to scrape together enough protein (which I assume they put into fake meat?), which is the #2 reason why I am not a vegetarian. (#1: Meat is delicious.)

  2. fake meat = kinda sick.

    however...the garden burger at the owl isn't too bad... but it's NOT meat. not even close.

    and root beer pong? too ridiculous to even comment.

  3. Nothing is worse that fake chocolate (i.e. carob). That stuff is yucky, nothing like chocolate, and honestly, a little cruel.

  4. I feel the same way about Postum and herbal cigarette's.