Fun times at work

So I was at work about to go do something with a co-worker when someone else walked up and need the co-worker to help him find something. So me and this new guy were standing there, waiting for the co-worker to finish searching the cabinet when new guy starts to make small talk. I had met him before briefly a while ago so he knew I was fairly new to the job and asked where I was from. I told him I was a military brat but called Texas home, having lived at Ft. Hood a couple times and then having gone to school at A&M. So he says, "Wow, so you have really gotten around Texas", and knowing what he did and did not mean, I said "Yeah" and was moving on when he suddenly pauses, gets all red, and says "I...I...I meant that in the best possible way it could have been taken." Oh, engineers, they make me laugh.

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  1. I always suspected a wild child underneath that innocent exterior.