Random updates

I'm back. I hadn't really intended to take a week long blogging hiatus but I was so busy this last week. My family was here and we did tons of stuff, which I will blog about when I am not too lazy to stand up and get the camera, and then when we did have down time, I spent it enjoying family time or sleeping. I blog my life, I don't live to blog. So there blog world, don't judge me.

So they left this morning and honestly, I am totally exhausted from my vacation. I wasn't really ready to say goodbye because I don't know when I will see them again but I am ready to get back into my routine. I love routines.

I am waiting for Craig to come home from Idaho where he is working on what I like to refer to as "that dam project" because I find myself very witty and like to pretend that I am the only person who has ever used that play on words before. When he gets home he will find a special apple dessert waiting for him as a treat for being so great this week.

This visit really reminded me how blessed I am to live in happy family land, you know the place where my husband and my family get along. I love my family, they are loud and crazy and they drive me crazy sometimes but I love them. And I love that spending time with them doesn't make me feel like I am putting Craig in pain as is sometimes the case. In fact, we are really blessed when it comes to our families. They are both intact and, at least when it comes to immediate families, relatively low in drama. So life with our families is good, but even so, he gets a nice dessert for the trouble. Maybe if he is looking real good tonight I will add in a little vanilla ice cream.

He actually doesn't have to look that much "gooder" than normal because we got a big bucket of Neapolitan ice cream from Sam's and I like the chocolate and strawberry more than the boring vanilla in the middle so I need to use it up.


  1. Welcome back! I was wondering when you'd balance out Craig's sports/wheat posts. Boring....

  2. I'm also glad to see MacKenzie back, and Craig, I'm sorry, but posts about wheat are a bit boring. Although sports posts are of course always welcome in my book. Especially when Minnesota had a game like that.