And the Winner is...

To determine the winner of our subscription giveaway, we went to random.org and, well, generated a random number. The number of each entrant corresponded with the order of his or her comment to the original post (Jess made the first comment, so she was #1, etc.). The random number determined the winner. And the result was:

The second comment was left by Bridge, so she's the winner! (We'll be in touch.)


  1. I AM SOOOOOOO EXCITED I WON! I should mention that I NEVER win anything. NEVER. I am so surprised.

    Anyways, THANK YOU!

  2. I should mention that I will recycle it by having Jess read it after me. So in a way she wins too.

  3. Wench!

    Kidding. Congrats, Bridgy.