Brace Yourself

Are you sick of hearing about global warming, or climate change, or whatever it's called now? I sure am. But it's only going to get worse. Al Gore's starting up a 3-year, $300 million global warming ad campaign. Can you imagine how many commercials, magazine ads, etc. you can buy for that much money? This will make the presidential campaign look like a modest event. I'm sick of that campaign too, but I suspect that once Gore's project begins, I'm going to be begging for Obama commercials, or anything else to just make it stop.


  1. Looks like Al is trying to leave his mark, and I don't mean carbon footprint; it's his legacy he's worried about. What with the push back from some scientists about the whole thing, it appears that Al needs this publicity campaign to keep the brainwashing efforts alive.

  2. I'd really like our little part of the world to experience some global warming. Through a series of events that I won't fully describe here, the cow's trough was frozen this morning and that does no one any good ..... I know, I'll call Al and see if he can arrange something. But no, I don't want to see these ads either.

  3. I'm so getting you a gift subscription to the Gore magazine, Craig.

    I actually stopped by to make an unrelated comment. A while ago, there was a post here on scheduled blog posting on blogger, and I wanted to say thank you.

    I was unaware this glorious feature existed, and it has increased my productivity at least 50%. (although you'll be disappointed that most of the extra time is going to Al Gore's "brainwashing" efforts, and other socialist agendas).

    Seriously though. I owe you guys one for tipping me off that this feature had finally launched.

  4. MacKenzie's the one who uncovered that feature. It is handy, and although you'll use it to schedule hardcore left-wing posts, I'm glad you find it helpful.