What's a BRC?

Howdy! So you want to know what a BRC is? Well, we started our journey as a couple in Texas where we were both fightin' Texas Aggies. Our friends used to joke that we were bound to get married and become a BRC or Blonde Republican Couple - complete with white picket fence, 2.5 kids and a golden retriever, posing for pictures in our matching sweaters in front of a Christmas tree. 

Well, we did get married and after making a few stops in Utah and Texas, we are now making our home in Missouri. We don't have a picket fence or a golden retriever but we do have a couple of kids, a cute little house in the country and some chickens. We're still conservative but maybe not as mainstream as that original BRC "dream" depicted but we still have a lot to say. MacKenzie does the majority of the posting but Craig has been know to pop in every once in a while with an opinion of his own.



Craig grew up among the fertile fields of North Dakota. He really needs to write more about himself, hint hint.


As a child, MacKenzie traveled the world as an Army brat, now she is enjoying being in one place with her own home to decorate and organize and redecorate to her hearts content. Of course, this means Craig has a running honey do list but he doesn't complain - too much. Her posts are a bit random. There is a lot of the standard mom blog stuff with pictures of her two favorite little people and their adventures together mixed with her efforts to live a "Undercover Hippie" lifestyle (homebirth, cloth diapers, crunch granola foods and homemade cleaners to name a few) but she also uses the blog as an outlet to discuss her random obsessions whether they are k-drama, chocolate or homeschooling topics even though her oldest still has several years before she is of school age. 


Born in May of 2010, Lucy is her own unique spirit. She always speaks her mind, with often amusing results. She loves to learn, to help and to love on her "friends" (dolls, stuffed animals, cracked eggs, dog toys, pretty much anything)


Entering the world is his very own special way September 2012, Jonah is already all boy. He's bouncy and bubbly and has yet to find a person he doesn't want to smile at or a object he doesn't want to explore. 

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