Year 2 Term 3 Exams - We made it!

I was hoping to do a post about how our family survived another Hyperemesis Gravidum first trimester and kept the house and the homeschooling moving. I haven't gotten to that yet (the fully surviving OR the post) but some of it is relevant to our exams so I'll briefly touch on it here. 

These are somewhat shorted exams that normally because I ended up cutting a lot of subjects for the past 7-8 weeks, or basically since before Thanksgiving (We started this term mid-October). Some things I didn't even attempt to put in the exams (piano, french, solfa) because it didn't seem fair. Other things I was pretty sure she could still do like the folk and hymns and poems we learned in October/November but sang along with her to get her going at first.  

I could also clearly see how relying on audiobooks for history especially, doesn't work very well. I also didn't do nearly the scaffolding in those lessons that I normally do - a quick review about where we left off the week before, a run down of the names, etc. I listened to the audiobooks with her and paused frequently so her daily narrations were fine but the long term retention was difficult. If you compare these exams to the sample AO exams for this term, you'll see that I substituted more general questions after she struggled and gave me a blank look when I asked about the battle of Agincourt (And I had a blank look right there with her!). She did remember the princes in the tower but she didn't really like that story at all and I could tell was reluctant to go back and rehash it. So we moved on. It's really important to me at this age to keep exams positive. She even told me the first day of exams that they are her favorite part of the year, even more than breaks!  I did add a few questions both the give her some history as we went along so they didn't seem too sparse for her. And long term, whether my second grader remembers any specific battle in English history is not at all a big deal but we'll be going back to my reading and scaffolding with her for history as soon as we can! 

Also interesting is how well she has grown into the NKJV version of the bible. Yes, we use the NKJV not the KJV but she still struggled with it initially. Two years later and her bible answers are great! And not surprisingly, its one of the longer books that I didn't switch to an audiobook when I got sick. 

Now, to the exams, which as always, have been shared with her permission. 


Tell me about Joseph’s childhood?

So Jacob had sons and he like Joseph best. And his other brothers were jealous. And then Jacob gave Joseph a rainbow coat and this made his other brothers even more jealous. And he had a dream and the stars bowed to him in his dream and his brothers grew more and more jealous. And his other brothers wanted to kill him but one of the brothers said “No, just throw him in the pit” because he wanted to save him later on. And then they saw a caravan instead and they said “let’s sell Joseph to this caravan.”

How did Joseph make himself known to his brethren in Egypt? Tell the whole story.

There was a famine for the seven years and Joseph’s brothers came to get food in Egypt and they came to Joseph and asked for food and he gave it to them and he said I won’t give you more food until I see your younger brother Benjamin and so they went back to their father and said “he wants to see Benjamin” but the father said “he’s the youngest and I’m afraid he will get into trouble” but they said “but he won’t give us more food until we bring Benjamin to him.” So he said “fine, you can take Benjamin but make sure nothing happens to him” and so they went to Joseph and he gave them food and they went home but he asked one of his servants to put a cup into Benjamin’s bag and then one of his servants followed him, because that’s what Joseph told them to do. He has said “Follow them and then say "Why did you steal the cup?” and so the servant followed them until he caught up and said “why did you steal the silver cup?” and he said “I didn’t steal it” and then “but why is it in there?” One of the brothers offered to stay in in prison for Benjamin. And that’s all I can remember….pause. And he told his brothers that he was Joseph.  

 Tell about one of the events from right before Jesus' death.
So Jesus was with his disciples and he said “You keep watch with me while I go pray” but when he came back, they were asleep. And he did it a second time but they were asleep and he did it a third time but they were asleep and he said “Are you still asleep? I said watch with me!” and then Judas was leading some soldiers to Jesus and Judas said “The one I kiss, you shall arrest” and so he went up and kisses Jesus and the guards tried to take Jesus but Peter cut off one of the guard’s ear and Jesus healed it again. That’s all.

     Copy Psalm 8

Okay, this just made me laugh. Lucy was very excited to begin transitioning to cursive italics. She's finishing up Book C of Getty-Dubay, which means at this point she knows the italic versions of the lower case letters and maybe 1/4-1/3 of the transitions.  I didn't learn italics and I do okay writing things for her to copy but half and half is hard so I just had her copy it all in the basic (print) italic version. I could tell she felt like this was way beneath her. She still did her best effort though. 

Tell me what you know about the discovering of American or the naming of America?

Well, I’ll do naming America, that’s easier. And there was a man named Amerigo and he met Columbus and they were friends and he didn’t go on voyages with Columbus but he went on voyages on the sea and he found South America. And so there was a man who said “Why shouldn’t we name this land, this big place Amerigo found, Amerigo or America?” And lots of people were jealous and thought it should be named Columbia or something because of Columbus but the big continent was called South American after all because it was the southern part but on maps they still just drew little islands up North where Columbus had went but then later some people said they should name the upper part North American because the other part was South America.

Tell me everything you remember the War of the Roses.

The War of the Roses was called the war of the roses because part of England wanted to be king and another part of England wanted to be king and all the white roses people picked white roses and all the red rose people picked red roses. And it went back and forth, and the duke died and his son took over, and sometimes the white rose team one and sometimes the red rose team one. And I can't remember how it ended.

What do you know about The Hundred Years War?

Joan of Arc was a girl in France and England was taking over France and then she saw these visions and the visions told her that she should go and help in the army and help save France and she did it and her brothers helped her because England was ruling most of France and she had to get through it to get to where the king was and then take him up to the city that England had and crown him king. And then at the end the England captured Joan of Arc and burned her but France began winning. And it was the longest war in history.


Tell how Christian and Hopeful came through the waters at last.

They were in the river of death and they were afraid because they thought they were going to drown and never see the celestial city. But they were able to climb up again.

Jonah adds: And they were naked now! (He really latched on to the idea that the left their mortal garments in the river and didn't receive their new heavenly robes until after they reached the castle and handed their scrolls to be given to the king. He's was only listening it while playing nearby but he brought up that fact several times. Boys!)

Tell your favorite story from Robin Hood.

Robin Hood and Little John and Will Scarlet and Arthur a Bland; they met a man carrying a sack of wheat and Robin Hood said “Let me look in your bag to make sure there is no gold or silver in there” and the man said “All right, I’ll let you see but there won’t be anything in there” and everyone was leaning over the bag to see but the man instead of showing them the grain, he threw it in their faces. And he kept throwing more. And they tried to get it out of their eyes and nose and mouth but he kept throwing it. And then he said “I tricked you! I tricked you! You thought I was going to show you gold and silver but I threw it in your face” and Robin Hood called three times with his horn and then they fought the man and then the man joined his band.It was so funny. Isn't that so funny!

Can you tell me about one of the parables of nature we read?

So, there was a crab and a starfish and the sea was calm and the tide had washed them up and there was seaweed lying everywhere. And then two people walked up and they said, “This seaweed is useless, this death is useless, all this stuff is just useless” and then they went away again. And the crab said, this seaweed is not useless, it is important and do you want me to tell you why it is important? Because it helps me live, I could not live without the seaweed. And the starfish said “That’s not all, it helps me too” and then some other sea creatures that had been washed up said “Me too! They help us too.They help all of us.”

Draw a scene from MacBeth or Comedy of Errors. 

This is from Comedy of Errors showing the wrong twin eating dinner with his (brother's) wife while the real husband is grumpily left outside. 

Tell me about the changes in the ships in Seabird
First it was a whaling ship was roundish. Then the book changed to be about a clipper ship and a clipper ship was pointed at the front. And they both ran on sails. Then they invented a ship that ran on coal. But they didn’t like it because it was too much smoke. And then they had a ship that was run by oil and that was easier.

What are the four seasons? How do we get them?
So the earth spins which makes the days and then in summer the northern hemisphere turns towards the sun and in the winter it turns towards away and what it spins it makes the day because when the part where you live faces the sun it is day time and then it gradually turns around so the part where you live faces away from the sun and its nighttime. (Lots of hand motions to accompany this J

X Map Drill – Oceans and Continents – 100% She even realized I’d left off two continents. Oops! I mean, uhm, trick question, you passed! She loves these map quizzes but hand writing them means I always make mistakes. Although in my defense, these silly map projections keep leaving off Antartica. 

The map she worked on over the last term and a half while reading Seabird

The quiz version

Natural History and General Science

We finished up mammals for our main term theme, drawing a dead coyote the neighbors just happened to shoot the week we studied coyotes and wolves. We also visited a wolf center to see some that were still alive. Then when we learned about bears we visited the new bear exhibit at the zoo on one of the perfect fall afternoons where miraculously no one else is there. And we had a really neat week where Jonah and Lucy kept finding galls every afternoon. I think they found 3 different kinds in all. I had actually been very discouraged over our lack of nature study lately but this part of the exams was quite encouraging.

Describe from memory something you drew in your Nature Notebook.
I drew a coyote. I saw a dead coyote and it was tannish gray fur, about as big as a dog, cause coyotes are really like dogs. And its teeth were long.

This was really from memory because I couldn’t find her nature notebook and I normally at least list of the things she drew for her to pick from. I did find it later and including some other pictures below. When she saw it, she looked through and changed her mind about what she wanted to talk about so she did a second narration but this time using her notebook to help her (she wouldn’t have remembered the dates on her own!)

The galls! When I saw the red one, I was like “ahh, what is that” and I thought it was a ball. So I brought it inside and we looked at it on November 21st. And it was like, kinda pink with red dots. It was smooth and it was touching the midrib although it wasn’t all the way on it. And the leaf it was on was a dead leaf on the ground and it was stuck on the leaf. It was a wasp gall.

And there was another type of gall that we found on November 19th and we drew it on the 21st. It was furry and orangish brown and it was on another dead leaf. I found a couple of them.

So, what is a gall?
So, a wasp or some other insects lay their eggs on leaves then the tree or the leaf makes the gall around it.

Name some big and little cat cousins or some of Buster Bear's cousins.       
Buster Bear  and his cousins– Polar Bear, Grizzly Bear, Black Bear, Brown Bear

Can you tell me about another animal we learned about this fall. You can look at your chart to remember if you need to.

Our north american mammal "tree"

Oh, deer! So when white tailed deer are babies they have spots but as they get older, their spots fade away. And their tail is white on the underside and the rest of their body except their tummy is brownish. And they are good at swimming. And the dad’s have antlers that are like horn except horns are hollow and antlers are not. White tailed deer have antlers.

Reading Skill
   x  Father or friend should select a passage for student to read aloud

Picture Study

Describe your favorite picture from this term's picture study.
The artist is Peter Paul Rubens (or as Jonah calls him "disciple disciple somebody") and it’s a little village with a path and people and horses are walking on the path and there are some houses on the side and you can see a long way in the picture and you can see a bit of wood and the sky is kind of cloudy and that’s all.

Sounds about right to me. It's called Summer: Peasants going to Market

     Father should choose a poem: Mice by Rose Fyleman. 

It had been a while since we had reviewed this, one of only two poems learned this term, but it was a big favorite so I was pretty sure she'd still know it. 


     Sing your favorite folksong and hymn from this term. Both were from October (not a surprise there) but she did remember them both which is awesome!

X A Nice Field of a Turnips
X Marching to Zion

 x    Show some work in handicrafts from this term to someone outside your family. 

We gave out some embroidered felt ornaments she designed and made herself. My getting sick means a few family members might be getting theirs next Christmas though


Bit of an update - Written several days ago and just now posted :-)

So I'm a little bit behind on updating this old blog. In case you missed it, we shared this on Instagram/Facebook a couple weeks ago.

Yep, baby #4 is on it's way, due to arrive in August. Still had no nickname so feel free to suggest something. Norah just calls it "baby tummy mama tummy." So that's big news. You haven't missed much else because I've basically been laying low. I actually came here to do a life/pregnancy update and realized I'd never done an actual announcement! Bad blogger!

But I'm almost 11 week now* and it's early for me to be feeling better but I do think my good days are getting better. My bad days are still bad, earlier this week I threw up 5 times and literally only moved from couch/bed/bathroom in a rotation. But the next couple of days Lucy and I did some school and one day I started laundry and folded the baskets that had been sitting there two days and even did the dishes. Doing the dishes is actually huge because our dishwasher for some reason thought now was a good time to break (seriously, loading and unloading the dishwasher all by herself was one of the most helpful things Lucy could do for me and it was taken from me!) and I had to stand at the sink for about 10 minutes. HG means you measure success is standing for a significant amount of time or being able to brush you teeth. I'm not sure here to complain. I actually had a great trip to Texas to see family and friends and while I had 1-2 bad days, I did much much better than normal which was really nice.

And I'm starting to plan for when I won't be sick. I'm making a list of things I need at Target. I haven't been to target since November and my list is growing. It's not particularly exciting but when ones  laundry baskets keep breaking and you just live with it, the idea of getting a couple new ones does give one a bit of a thrill.  I also ordered the last few Year 3 items for Lucy because we should finish Year 2 next week! We had an abridged term so we'll have abridged exams too then take a brief break while we settle our new puppy in.  Yes, we're getting a puppy. Because yes, we ARE crazy. But February is looking pretty awesome and I'm really looking forward to it. Hopefully I'll be able to write before then but if not, I'm sure I'll at least share puppy pictures.

*Okay, 10 weeks and 5 days but when you're desperate to get to that second trimester, you round up!


Back to the Classics Tentative Reading List

Ah, the new year. When all your book lists seem possible and the time in unending. Alas, I always seem to add more books to my tbr year than I end up actually reading but I guess that's not a bad thing. What if I actually ran out of books I wanted to read?! I used to worry about that when I was a kid, poor little worrier that I was. But I still love the challenge of making lists and reading hard books so here we are, back at it once again. I haven't picked for all the categories and I'm sure half the books I actually pick will change over the course of the year but at least this gives me a starting place.

1.  A 19th century classic - I use this category for my yearly Dickens.  I'm going with Pickwick Papers this time. 

2.  A 20th century classic - Howards End. I'm not actually thrilled with the idea of this book but my favorite podcast Close Reads is chosen it for January and I can't say no. Putting it in this catagory gives me double motivation. And maybe it will surprised me (basically, I'm imagining this as depressing and I don't tend to like that in a book but I have no real basis for that over than Anthony Hopkins is in the movie and he just makes me think dark and depressing. Maybe it's super funny and lighthearted! I don't know!)

3.  A classic by a woman author. Not normally a hard catagory for me to fill but all the choices are leaving with no firm answer. 

4.  A classic in translation.  I will read it this time. 

5. A children's classic. The House of Arden by E. Nesbit. My kid's love Nesbit but I'll confess that they've always listened to them as audiobooks so I don't have much experience with her myself. Time for that to change. 

6.  A classic crime story, fiction or non-fiction. 

 Over at Close Reads podcast, they've talked a few times about murder mystery versus spy novel and I'm definitely a murder mystery fan but my one attempt at a spy novel didn't end well. I want to give it another go.  Maybe The Spy Who Came in from the Cold? If I abandon it, I'm sure I'll have one (dozen) murder mysteries to choose from my read in '18 list that I could plug in here. I think one of the Close Reads selections this year might fit and some hand holding is always nice. 

7. A classic travel or journey narrative, fiction or non-fiction. 

Kon Tiki

8. A classic with a single-word title. Beowulf. This might get moved to A classic that scares you. Because...poetry! But for now, it stays here. 

9. A classic with a color in the title.  Maybe Agnes Grey? Still undecided. 

10. A classic by an author that's new to you.  Again, too many choices! I'll probably end up with some Close Reads or Ambleside Online selection here? Maybe another Russian Novel. That could go in  the scares me catagory too. 

11. A classic that scares you. This category is getting smaller now that I've spent the last two years really pushing myself. But I could put The Holy Way by John Bunyan here. Lucy and I have been reading Pilgrim's Progress and she loves it but I'll just say its not my style. So the idea of more Bunyan is not appealing. But I've committed to it in my year 8 plans and that is a bit scary. 

12. Re-read a favorite classic. Jane Eyre. I read this in high school and thought it was okay. I re-read it a few years ago and maybe it was just the right time for me because I loved it. I've been scared to re-read it for fear I won't like it as much this time  and ruin that memory (hmm, so maybe it should be "a classic that scares you ;-) but I want to try anyway.

Wanna join in? It's super fun! Go visit Karen at Books and Chocolate to find out more.