The state has been feeling the fallout from the credit crunch, layoffs and auto industry burnout. Its unemployment rate recently hit 12 per cent, the highest of any state in the country. The unemployment rate in the city of Detroit, meanwhile, is 22 per cent. People are leaving the state in droves.
It's not like a hurricane or earthquake hit Michigan. The people of that state are suffering in large part because they continually elect tax-hiking Democrats into state and local offices (e.g. Gov. Granholm and every Detroit politician). Michigan's woes long predated the current crisis, with the recession there beginning in 2006. Michigan has the worst business tax in the nation.

Sure, we can blame the auto companies and the unions for some of this, and the citizens of Michigan can't be faulted for their actions, but I wasn't about to bust out the green and white apparel during last night's game out of sympathy for Michiganders and the problems they helped create.