Something for Stellan

As soon as the Stellan name gallery was once again activiated, I started thinking of where and how I could take a picture to send in. And on a recent MckMama post this past Sunday, she mentioned getting a picture of Stellan's name with the president wouldn't be so bad, which got me thinking.

I was thinking I could do a picture of Stellan's name at the Presidential library. It's not quite the same, but it is kinda neat. But then I thought to myself "No, that is a lame idea, MacKenzie" and I left my camera home. But then Amanda mentioned it yesterday and I decided to go ahead with it. It would be perfect as I would not only be picking Craig up from the library but I would have some time to kill between work and this program. I won't lie, I did say a little prayer, reminding God how very awesome it would be if I could somehow meet President Bush and get him in the picture. But I have spent quite a bit of time in and around that library and never seen him, except while sitting in the back of an auditorium at a program. And anyway, the library would be cool enough.

So Tuesday I bring my camera with me and during lunch I make a little sign for Stellan. Then at 5, I swing by Craig's office and we go off to walk around the lake and school in search of a good place to take the picture. When all of a sudden, we spot him - the 41st President of the United States, Mr. George H.W. Bush himself. My mouth about drops off my face. I quickly uncap my camera, trying not to shake. Then the secret service guy sees me and says "No, pictures, he has to get somewhere" and it hits me, "Of course he is here, he is going to the Chuck Norris program too!" But I quickly regain my focus and ask if I can take a picture from back here. When he says yes, I throw Craig the sign and start snapping away. At first the silly secret service guys kept getting in the way, but finally I manage to grab a pretty good picture. If you look closely, President Bush's eyes are closed, but really - who cares!

After this, the secret service guys say we can also say hi to him as he passes so we do and Craig says that we saw his plane when we were in Pensacola. He actually talked to us for about a minute about that and the carrier as he walks by (he isn't the faster walker anymore but boy goes he seems like nice guy) and pats me on the shoulder. I really really wanted to ask for a better picture, but those security guys are pretty intimidating and they had already said no.

President Bush then went on his way and we tried to go on ours. Except I was so excited I could hardly stand it. Normally, I would have been excited that he talked to me and touched me, but all I could think of was MckMama.

To be able to do something, anything, to do something for the little guy I have come to love and to maybe make MckMama smile at a difficult time, I was thrilled. Except I know that it wasn't me that did it, it was a God thing - that I would decide not to take a picture on Monday, then that Amanda would comment and I would change me mind and go Tuesday, that I would have already made up the sign, that he would happen to be there, that we would happen to see him. It was providential. And I know, it's just a picture. Except that is isn't. It's a sign of love - for Stellan. And at least for me, it's a reminder that God has a hand in all this. I could never have imagined when I woke up and asked God if he would allow me to meet the President, that it would happen. But He knows what He is doing. Not just with this little issue, but with all of Stellan's issue, and with everything in the world. I feel like He is standing over me, saying "Oh little one, just trust me"

Oh, and all during the Chuck Norris' speech, all I could think of was "Okay, Mr. Norris, enough blabbing, I gotta get this picture to MckMama." I mean, I'm sure Chuck is a great guy, but he has nothing on Stellan. Stellan's a real fighter.

*Be sure to check out how he is doing.


  1. President Bush has his eyes closed AND his tongue is sticking out just a little bit. :) But I think it's still pretty gosh darn awesome!

  2. I LOVED hearing the whole story!!! Even better!!! Thank you!!!!!

  3. I love it!

    And I am so jealous that President George H.W. Bush patted you on the shoulder. I am not even kidding - I am unreasonably jealous right now.

    Some folks (you) have all the luck. ;)