Blogging...it's a family thing.

My mom started a blog! Check her out over at cleaversitrep.blogspot.com where she gives her situation report on being an army wife and mom. She has been posting for a while but I have been working on the design and I didn't want to link to it until I got it all prettied up. It's the first design I have done (well, other than ours) and it was so much fun. I just have too many ideas to fit on ours and I liked being able to try other things, especially since sharing a blog with Craig limits the amount of girlishness I can put on ours. But with this one I got to design a cute header and a pretty little background plaid and I didn't have to worry about the feminine factor at all.

So go over there and have a look. Next week though, our blogs may seem repetitive because we will be doing the same things as she is coming for a visit. Actually, my whole family is coming to visit. We have lots of stuff planned since we have to show them how much there is to do in Cache Valley. It's gonna be fun!

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  1. I was curious as to who "june cleaver" was on your comment page, so I checked out her page (to find it was your mom) and thought the design was really cute. Now I know that you did it, it makes it all the cuter! Do you scrapbook? I don't but my roommate from last semester did, and from what I've seen of her stuff, I think you'd be good at it. You may need to win the lottery first though, I think it can become an expensive hobby.