It's about time.

With any luck, this post will show up exactly at 2:48 (mountain time). Why? Because I told blogger that is when I wanted it to post it and they have finally set up a way to do scheduled posts.

I have been annoyed with blogger wanted blogger to have this feature for quite some time now and I am super excited it finally has listened to me(well, I'm guessing it wasn't just me, but the blogger masses as well).

And it arrived just it time to save me from the insanity caused by my inability to post from work. Now I can do WFMW by just scheduling a post instead of saving it as a draft and making Craig go in the next morning and post it. And when I get into a writing frenzy I can easily space out the posts instead of posting three things in a row. Oh happy days.

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  1. It is about time.

    When I left Blogger it sucked SO MUCH (It was during the transition to "Beta" Blogger. GAH!)

    I am glad they finally have this feature.

    Now if they can show incoming links and basic stats for people, that would be coolio as well.