Blogging Blues (and yahs!)

My work has decided to be stinky and start blocking me from writing posts on blogger. I can sign in but anything after that is apparently now off limits. Sometimes it lets me look at comments, sometimes not. And it won't always let me comment on things, but I haven't figured out the trend of why it's okay sometimes and not other times, I might be able to get around it once I do. It stinks.

My lunch break is was my main blogging time and it is going to be frustrating when I can't write then. I pretty much have to take a longish (45 min to an hour) lunch. Well, I have to be there at 8 and I need to stay till 5 so I could just work extra for fun but no thanks. And except for bloggity lunches I always pack my lunch and use that time to read my favorite blogs, write posts and catch up with my bible study/devotional. It's very relaxing and I really do think it helps me be more productive in the afternoon. And now, thanks to the new filter, I can't do my routine.

I guess it is their prerogative to block whatever sites they want but I don't do it during my working hours, I'm rarely even at my desk. And it's not like I want to put up pictures of naked people or write posts on how to kill puppies or eat babies or anything questionable like that. But even with the hardship of having to write at a different time, I will try to keep up with writing my non-puppy killing posts.

On another more positive blogging related note, my friend Amanda has finally started a blog! I have been bugging her about it for a while since she is so witty and I miss her and know that all sorts of things have happened in her life that I don't know about but want to. I waited until she posted a couple times before mentioning it so that now when you go, you can really get a feel for how fun she is. So go read it. Putting down roots has also been added to our Banter Buddies list so you can visit her whenever you like.

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