Conversation I really hope was not overheard because it could potentially be misunderstood.

The scene:

Craig and I are in Michael's looking at wooden letters for a craft projects. Actually, I am looking for letters, Craig is looking at the ceiling waiting for me to be finished. I wanted to spell out L-O-V-E and decorate the letters for our wall (with plans to add FAITH and HOPE later). But things aren't working out how I planned.

Craig: Are you about ready?

Me: No, and I'm frustrated.

C: Why?

Me: Because they are out of Os. Stupid store, what am I supposed to do now?

C: Is there something else you can use?

M: (louder) No, You can't make love without an O!

C: (chuckling) I think it has been done before.

M: What? (face turning red) Oh...that's not what I meant.


  1. that craig! he absolutely SLAYS me with humor. HA HA HA!!!

  2. Love it! Sorry about no O... maybe they will get one soon. If you happen to see the letters m a c e let me know.

  3. ha ha! (thats all I've got on that one, sorry i don't have a more interesting comment, but I thought i'd let you know, i laughed)