Stuff growing on me

No, I'm not talking about any recent bouts of fungal infections. I'm talking about things I didn't used to like but now have not only learned to tolerate but actually enjoy.

1. Scrubs. I used to hate Scrubs. I found it weird and annoying and it was even worse because everyone else found it soooo funny. But then I watched a couple episodes and I have to admit, it's funny. The mean janitor, mean Dr. Cox, mean Dr. Kelso, they are just so funnily unfriendly. Enough that I might actually watch the show's new episodes, whenever there are new episodes.

2. Pearls Before Swine. Craig has always found this comic highly amusing and I have not. But after we got married, he showed it to me every morning so that I could laugh. And after a couple weeks, I actually started to laugh. It is weird and I'm pretty sure it requires both a knowledge of the characters and a quirky sense of humor before you can get it, but once you do, it can be laugh out loud funny. Enough so that I was okay with him naming our feline friend after it.

3. People. Yep, I tend not to like people at first. Doesn't really matter who that person is, when I first meet someone, I will probably not like them. I think it is because I am shy and don't like new things, situations, etc. But almost all the time, I learn to like them. I really like most people I know so I don't know why I have such a hatred for people I don't know. At least I am aware of it, so that way I don't hold it against someone if I dislike them at first. I always give them a second chance, cause I'm nice like that. :-) It's kinda nice to meet blogger people online first because I don't dislike them that way, then if I meet them in real life I like them from the start. If only I could meet all new acquaintances this way.

So there you have it, I am learning to grow and learn to like new things, of all sorts, superficial and no so superficial.


  1. yeah...I don't like people either. But scrubs and pearls before swine are good :) (not just because there is a pig in the strip)

  2. I love meeting bloggity people and I agree it takes off a lot of the pressure.

    And? I am totally planning on posting about Pearls before Swine this week.

    It must be done. "The crate o' sadness" about KILLED ME.