Cold Weather Comfort

For those of you that are dealing with snow and cold, this article should put things in perspective. It lists the coldest places in the world. How would you like to live in Yakutsk?
Yakutsk, capital of the Yakutia region in Siberia claims to be the coldest city on earth. Considering it has a population of 200,000 people, that may be so. In January, daily high temperatures average around -58°F (-50°C). Residents often leave their cars running all day long to ensure they can get home. You are warned not to wear glasses outside, as they will freeze to your face and tear the flesh when you try to remove them.
I often drive through towns that are in the middle of nowhere, and I wonder what the people there do for a living. I can't imagine what 200,000 people do in this city in Siberia, besides shovel snow.

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  1. Craig why do you often drive to the middle of nowhere? LOL