Who Needs Editors?

Can you spot the mistake here? (Note: it was made twice, click to enlarge.)

When you're done, click the link to see if they've fixed it yet.


  1. Well, they said it was in South Korea when it was so obviously in North Korea. But I only saw that mistake once, later on in the article it correctly said North Korea. Is that the mistake?

  2. ha! i figured it out...

    first it says they are in Beijing (which is in CHINA). the headline says South Korea, but North Korea is referenced in the blurb. did they play in beijing? or south korea? cuz i thought it was south korea.

    and it's fixed now. LOL.

  3. crap. i meant north korea. i blame abc news.

  4. The concert in question was indeed in North Korea. There was no South Korea performance, but there WAS a Beijing performance. I guess they couldn't get a picture from the Pyongyang show, for some reason. Also, the mistake was in the subheadline and the byline. It's fixed now, but I have proof of the mistake saved forever!

  5. Very astute observation. Most people don't know Pyongyang from Ping Pong! MacKenzie had the unfair advantage of having lived in South Korea.