Skiing and Skirts

This weekend was nice and calm. Saturday we just hung out around the house. Craig yelled and the tv because the Aggie's weren't living up to their basketball potential. I yelled at my sewing machine because it wasn't letting me live up to my potential. And poor Zeeba didn't know what to do with all the yelling. But that really was all confined to about 30 minutes and the rest of the time was scream free.

I did manage to complete my first article of clothing though. Isn't it cute?

It's linen and the polka dots are chocolate and ivory. I love polka dots. The pattern instructions were good for the most part and I even got the zipper sewed in but there was one point where
the instructions just kinda gave up or something and I had to work though it on my own. There are a couple issues but I'm trying not to be a perfectionist and just appreciate it for my first try. I actually wore it to church yesterday even though it was a tad cold for linen.

Now I am excited to try making some other stuff. I have a number of weddings coming up this summer so I want to make a summery dress to wear to them. I also want to make a more winter/spring friendly skirt. I love the online community and all the inspiration I can find there.
My main goal in learning to sew is just to have fun and be able to make things that I can't find - like skirts that hit at the right spot and maybe, years from now, pants. I can never find pants that fit. And someday, cute things like these and these. So cute! Now I just needs some kids to put in them.

After freezing in church, we headed up to Beaver to go skiing with some friends from church. I hadn't been since 9th grade and I forgot how much I love it. Considering how much I hate the cold, I must really like it to be outside for almost 4 hours. But I did.

I was a little nervous when I got to the top of the hill for the first time. But it all came back as I started down. I didn't fall down once. I am so excited to go again!


  1. That is really cute! The fabric is too! (didn't you have an earlier post about having a hard time finding fabric you liked?)

  2. That turned out so well! I miss having a sewing machine. I don't sew well, but it's amazing how handy having one around is.

    Love skiing, too. We're making our first run next weekend and I HATE the cold.

  3. I hadn't been skiing since the Clinton Administration, and the hills I skiied on in ND and MN make Beaver Mountain look like Aspen. I did much better than expected, though. I pwn3d the Green runs.

  4. i have some kids you can borrow if you'd like..