Our Belated Valentine's Day

To bounce off of MacKenzie's Valentine's Day post from the other day, I'd like to publicly thank her for allowing me to push our celebration of that holiday back one day, to the 15th. What a money-saving move that is! A dozen roses that were $19 on the 14th were $8 the next day, and boxes of candy could be found for as low as $1. If we had chose to go out to a restaurant, it undoubtedly would have been much easier to find a reservation. However, we usually buy fancy food at cook at home. This year, we had steak and lobster tails. Good stuff, indeed. I would recommend this move to any of you men out there.


  1. That's what the gentleman caller and I did, although the local flower shop was on to that, and it wasn't until today that a dozen roses dropped back down to around $10 from $30. That's right. They tripled their prices.

    We did not think of the lobster thing, though. Well done.

  2. what exactly are you recommending? cooking at home, or trying to validate being a total cheapskate...cuz i'm not sure...

  3. I have to say the main reason I was okay with giving this a try was because Friday nights are already so much better than Thursday nights and it was going to be much less stressful for our cooking night. But I ended up really liking it. Technically we weren't supposed to get each other anything since we were doing the fancy food stuff but I had a feeling Craig might get me something. He really went above and beyond though with very pretty red roses and chocolate. And even better than that, he was excited about it! How many of you wives can say that about your husband. So much better than him giving me a present and secretly hiding his annoyance that he had to pay 3x (using Rachel as a reference) what the gift should have cost just to "prove" to me his love. It's like I gave him a present back!

    Also, while cooking at home might not have been his main point, I would also recommend that part. It's fun to cook "weird" foods that we wouldn't normally try and I like doing stuff together instead of just looking at each other in a restaurant trying to come up with something to talk about that seems elegant enough for the occasion. Plus, Craig made me a chocolate pudding pie (good choice considering my favorite deserts are pie and pudding) and it was enough that I had dessert all weekend, not just one night.

  4. I know I'm a little late to the party, but I would like to support MacKenzie and Craig's undying love for frugality, and for one another. I say if it works for you, go for it. Personally, I completely resent Valentine's Day, and see it as a sexist sword-fighting contest that bears no resemblance to the actual love and committment relationships are built on.

    That being said, I really enjoyed receiving a gorgeous roses/stargazer lillies arrangement that was the talk of the school. I'm pretty sure my husband enjoyed sending it to me, also. (In case you're wondering, I made him a giant heart-shaped cookie from scratch, for which I had to purchase every ingredient on the tollhouse recipe, all the way down to the salt. I include that information so you'll know that it was something special and unusual, and it actually turned out quite yummy, against all odds.) And of course that wasn't his entire gift, but that's all you need to know about.