My week

I haven't written much this week. I guess cause nothing crazy exciting happened. Not that it was a bad week, the opposite really. It was one of those great, slow and steady, practically perfect weeks. I'll give you a brief outline.

Monday - Went by really fast at work, which I believe is the perfect way to spend 8-5 on a Monday. Then I went to my women's bible study, drank mint hot chocolate and talked with some other ladies about the ridiculousness of our study saying David was 8 years old when he battled Goliath. We also thought it was kinda reading a lot into the story to say that because he was 6 cubits tall and had a shield of 660 shekels that somehow that means he was connected to Satan. Goliath = bad guy, doesn't need to have a 666 connection to see that. Young David with only stones and sling killing big bad Goliath with lots of weapons and shields = miracle, don't need David to be 8 for that to be true. Silly study = lots of laughs.

Tuesday - Super Fat Tuesday. Craig liked the super part because politics gives him energy. I liked the fat part because carbs give me energy. Especially when those pancakes are made by other people and I don't have to do dishes.

Wednesday - Craig went to play Quizzo which meant I had the whole evening of quiet time to read and write letters and just veg. It was great.

Thursday - Bloggity luncheon at the Owl (one of the few bars in Logan). It was my first time there and I must say they do make a mean hamburger. And the salads others ordered looked pretty tasty too. I will admit when they first ordered them I laughed, who orders a Cobb salad at a bar? But it didn't look too shabby.

Friday - Made valentines day cards for some of the more seasoned of our congregation with some others from church. Well, the girls made cute cards and we put the boys in charge of the heart cookies for the packages. I really enjoyed watching Craig determine the perfect shade of pink for his frosting. It was like the pink frosting on my heart shaped week.


  1. I love that Craig is getting in touch with his feminine side with the pink frosting.

  2. "more seasoned members" :)

    I can picture Craig trying to get just the right color. We made valentines cookies too...but I forgot food coloring, so it was just the perfect shade of white. Too bad we didn't have Craig and his expertise on shades of pink. Brandon suggested cayanne pepper to add color.

  3. I'm sure cayenne would have added an "interesting" touch to those cookies.