Ships with our Names

I was reading my book the other day (Body of Secrets by James Bamford, a history of the NSA) and it mentioned the USS Craig. I thought that was pretty cool, but then on the next page, it mentioned the USS MacKenzie. I figured that was a coincidence worthy of a post. There have actually been two USS Craig's, but here's the one in question:

There have been four USS MacKenzie's, but again, here's the one mentioned in the book:

As you can see, they are quite similar. They were both Gearing class destroyers commissioned at the tail end of WWII that were 390 feet long. However, mine had more 40- and 20-mm anti-aircraft guns. Hers had more torpedo tubes, so I think between the two ships, we had things covered pretty well. Her ship was sunk (on purpose, as a target) in 1976, but mine lasted until 1980. In all, I think my ship was better.

Is there a ship with your name on it?


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  2. According the undenyable source of wikipedia, there was in "fact" a USS Amanda

    USS Amanda (1856) was a bark acquired by the Union Navy during the American Civil War.

    She was used by the Union Navy primarily as a gunboat stationed off Confederate ports to prevent their trading with foreign countries. Her gallant service with the Union Navy was cut short in 1863 when she ran aground and was destroyed.

  3. Your ship sounds cool. Sorry to hear about its early demise.