WFMW: One Smart Noodle

I've been trying to improve the way we eat around here, mostly by making easy subtle changes. Switching from regular sugary peanut butter to the all natural stuff, making sure we buy 100% whole wheat bread, not just honey wheat, etc. I tried switching to wheat pasta but it just doesn't taste good. But we eat spaghetti about once a week, and I use spaghetti in stir fry if I don't have time to cook rice. That is a lot of empty carbs if we were to stick with the regular stuff and it had me worrying.

But then I found this, Ronzini Smart Pasta. It has 3 times the fiber of regular pasta (6 grams per two oz serving) and quite a bit of calcium. I am not diabetic but I have heard it doesn't effect your blood sugar as much as regular pasta does. Best of all, it doesn't taste like cardboard! I don't really taste any difference, and more importantly, Craig doesn't either. It is a tad bit more expensive but I have seen a number of coupons out there and even without them, I don't mind spending $0.20 for a healthier meal so smarter pasta works for me.


  1. I switched to whole grain everything about 8 years ago. I actually prefer it to anything that isn't. It's amazing how our taste can change over time.

  2. Thanks for the tip. I love pasta and use it quite a lot, but I am careful not to overcook it, which also helps.

  3. We've switched to wholewheat pasta and really I didn't notice much difference...the kids ate it no problem.

    There are a lot of different brands of whole-wheat pasta so maybe you just got a "bad" one.

  4. I am fixing ronzoni pasta right now! spooky! Don't you feel good knowing that? You can tell Craig "Amanda eats the same type of pasta we do, and she's ate it yesterday!"