Hopeful thoughts on camping

I finally have my living room back. The last 24 or so hours, Craig and I have been having to crawl around a large tent sitting right in the middle of our not-so-large living room. It was there because we need to ensure we had all the parts, seal the seams so that it won't leak and let it dry overnight before next weekend. Since we don't have a yard (and even if we did, it was raining) we were left with the living room. It was a tad inconvenient during the day but we made the best of it by watching tv from inside the tent last night - that is still as much fun as it was when I was 8.

Anyway, back to next weekend. We have decided that we are going to work really hard not to be those people that live by really cool stuff but never go and visit it, thinking they will someday. So next weekend, we are heading off to Yellowstone. Craig has been there before with Chad but I never have and I am pretty excited about it. It's also our first camping trip so we are keeping it simple. We have to leave too late on Friday night to camp so the actually camping part will only be overnight but we should have enough time to see the main stuff. For those of you who know anything about Yellowstone, you might realize that we are going very early in the season. In fact, most of Yellowstone isn't even open until the next weekend. But this is the only available weekend we had for May and by June it gets all crowded and full of people and we don't like people. Well that isn't exactly true, we like people, just not when we are trying to get away and experience nature. So we are going anyway, even thought it might be raining, cold and overall miserable. Hopefully, our plan doesn't backfire. I have been checking the weather as we get closer and closer and I think we will be okay with the temperature but it is a little less certain that we won't spend the weekend in the rain. I wanted to write this post now though so that if it does turn out to be disastrous, I can at least remind myself that I knew of the dangers before hand and I can't blame Craig for "forcing" me to go camping.

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  1. That entire post made me happy. I love Crakenzie.
    Also, thanks for my SWEET Apples to Apples cards!