The only good thing about Craig being gone is that I can watch chick flics without feeling bad for making Craig suffer through them too. I watched "Because I Said So" last night and I went in with very low expectations but ended up finding it really enjoyable. Other than that it kinda stinks. I feel ridiculous because before January I went months without seeing him but now even a couple days feel like forever. So I decided to write a little note about all the great things about Craig I could think up in five or so minutes. He will probable make me take it down when he gets home so I would read it quickly if I were you.
  • He likes to go hiking and camping with me, but doesn't make fun of me when I ask him (calmly and politely, of course) to remove a spider from the bathroom.
  • He watched Gilmore Girls with me and even got into it and didn't think I was weird for being upset when it ended a couple weeks ago.
  • He even scrapbooks with me, by this I mean we pick out which pictures we want to use and I arrange them, pick out the paper and stickers to use, write all the notes, and finish the page while he sits next to me reading a book about Reagan. I think it is very sweet.
  • He is willing to spend the weekend counting owl hootings (or is it hoots) to provide for our family. Granted, he probably doesn't think it sounds like the most miserable thing ever like I do but I still give him credit.
  • He loves Gus-Gus and had even been known to clean his cage without being asked.
  • He does the laundry which I don't like to do. I was okay with doing it until once when I went there was the weird guy who just sat there watching me as I loaded the washer and it really creeped me out so now I let Craig and he doesn't seem to mind.
    Luckily for us, this happened about the same time as the dishwasher broke so now I do the dishes by hand so that helps even it out.
  • But if he knows I am really tired or don't feel good he will demand I go lay down and let him do the dishes.
  • He will eat whatever I make. Even if it is a meal all of yellow foods, which I didn't notice until I saw it all together. He made a joke out of it and fixed lemonade and put it on our yellow plates. (Hence the facebook picture) He has also eaten banana bread which wasn't fully done on the inside but burnt on the outside and a pasta salad which consisted of noodles, white kidney beans and tomatoes. I liked it but forgot that he hates tomatoes so all he got for dinner was noodles and beans but he didn't complain.
  • When we were deciding where to volunteer here in town, he willing selected Four Paws, an animal rescue center, since he knew I would love playing with the puppies. The downside for him - we spend almost the whole day Saturday loading up dogs into our car, driving an hour away with them leaning over the seat, breathing in his ear and drooling on him, just so we can sit with them at Petsmart and then load whoever is left up again and take them back. And he doesn't love dogs. He just loves me.


  1. :) you guys make me smile! I hope Craig doesn't make you take this down!

  2. I am indeed a nice guy. I'll let you leave this up for now.