Pinching Pennies

As I have noted before, I enjoy saving money on groceries. Sales and coupons delight me. I make special trips to Smith's and Albertson's when they have specials (Lee's is my main grocery destination). Luckily, MacKenzie shares my coupon-cutting, grocery-ad perusing ways. This has helped us regularly meet our grocery budget goal. MacKenzie also agrees with my overall approach to fiscal matters. They say money is the number one culprit of marital misunderstanding. In that case, our long-term prospects are pretty good.

We have found a tool to aid our food shopping. A site called Pinching Your Pennies, apparently based right nearby in Hyde Park, UT, keeps track of weekly sales, as well as coupon codes for online shopping sites. This site, which appears to have localized info for every state, compiles shopping lists for each major grocery chain each week based on what's on sale as well as what coupons are out there. Deals are rated on a 1-5 scale based on how good they are. This has been a useful tool for us. You should look into it.


  1. Thats so cute! I can just picture you and MacKenzie clipping coupons together on Sundays :) and I guess now checking the website. You guys make me smile!

  2. Mom and I don't do so well with the coupons. Mackenzie didn't train us right.

    Dad (who wants to remain anonymous like Mackenzie's Mom--we just don't like the limelight)