Gig 'em, Craig

I have landed a gig. I've had some interaction with the local radio show, including winning the news quiz once. Well, I was invited to contribute to the show's blog, which is found here, and in my favorite sites list over on the right. I have posted twice so far; "An Al Gore Moment at the City Council?" and "Utah Busybodies". I imagine I will stick mostly to Utah issues, with some national stuff thrown in on occasion. Check it out.

Also, for a techno-tip, if you scroll to the bottom of this page and click on "Subscribe to: Posts (Atom)", you can subscribe to this site's RSS feed. This will put the site in your bookmarks list, and allow you to see the titles of recent posts, letting you know at a glance if there is new material without actually coming to the site. It is handy, and I do it with several blogs. Give it a shot.

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