If you follow me on Pinterest, you've already probably seen this but it is me to a T.

But not always a bad mood. Just a overwhelmed mood. I've got a lot on my mind but I want to feel free to think it, feel it and maybe even implement some of it, without feeling compelled to blog about it. Its odd but sometimes blogging is how I do think about things and work them out. Other times, I need to stay inside myself. Since I've been blogging for over four years now (really, is that right? sheesh, that's a long time in internet years), you would think I could balance myself by now but I don't think I can. So I'm taking a sabatical.

Sabatical. Doesn't that sound much nicer better than "break" or "whoops, its been three weeks and I haven't posted anything" or "Never mind me, I've just turned into a hermit." At this point, I could start spouting off about how a rose by any other name...but that would be cliche so I won't. I'll just say see ya later! I'll be back in September.

Oh, but Craig isn't weird like me, so he'll probably still be around every once in a while. Keep checking in on us so he doesn't feel lonely and unloved :-)


  1. Totally understand! But I'll still miss you until then.

    Are you on an email / pinterest / facebook sabbatical too? [I'm hoping not so I can still "see" you around]

    Enjoy your rest and have lots of peaceful, fun days with Lucy!

  2. I'll be around, just not as much as normal.

  3. Oh I understand completely!

    You take that sabbatical, and focus on what matters for a bit, and I'll look forward to reading your blog when it finds it's place in your day again!

    God Bless!