A Mother's Daybook - April 11th

Excited - About Gilmore Girls! I have been since the first news but now I keep seeing little tidbits on facebook and other sites and it's getting real. My absolute favorite television show is coming back! I feel like I should be ashamed of how happy I am but I can't be. Sorry.

Appreciating - My husband. He's been working so hard on our yard and fence. We've been having a bit of a chicken containment problem. Over the past year they have decided they like our neighbors yard better than ours. I don't really know why, the yards seem pretty similar to me. The fence was 90% done when we moved in but we are now finishing the two short front portions. The weather hasn't been exactly cooperative. It seems like any nice warmy sunny day is a work day and any day he has free time it is windy or rainy. And then when he can work on it, he has lots of "help." But it is getting there. And while if the "good fences make good chicken-owning neighbors" reason was our original motivation, I think having a fully fenced yard will make me feel better about sending both kids out to play without me.

Eating - Chik-fil-a! If you follow me on any social media, you already know this but Craig and Lucy spent the night camping in a new Chik-fil-a's parking lot before it opened and scored us 52 free meals! We rarely eat out so this is a big treat for us and even though we have to split that between all of us, that's still about 17 trips this year which I think will be plenty.

Here is Lucy, still in her pajamas, after coming home and showing me her prize button. It was pretty rainy and stormy when I was leaving her and it had all been a last minute thing (I literally threw the stuff in the car and got to the parking lot 30 minutes after we had decided they would give it a try) which meant she had no time to prepare so there were a few tears and she almost backed out. I told her it didn't matter what she decided to do and that she could come home if she wanted but I thought she would have fun with daddy and her friends (another family from church was camped right next to them). She wiped her tears and said, "I'll do it!" and she did! Her favorite part was the dance party and Craig said she really really enjoyed dancing at night when the dj came. Her least favorite part was waiting in line for food! You can tell she's a homeschooler. Her kindergarten education has not provided her with line waiting skills :-)

So Over - Appointments. We have had way too many dentist and doctor appointments in the last two weeks. We have 1-2 more this week and then I'm hoping that's it for a while. I'm a homebody and if I'm going to bother with getting everyone up and out the door, I like for it to be someplace fun (and time flexible!). It does make me extremely glad Lucy doesn't have to be out the door every morning for school though!

Enjoying - The nice weekdays. Last Monday was gorgeous so we headed out to the nature center for some daffodil spotting and nature playground exploring. And thanks to a friend's mentioning pictures, I actually took the nice camera and was able to get something a bit nicer than a blurry phone camera shot. And this actually shows what a regular smiling Jonah looks like. Anyone that has taken pictures of a preschooler know what kind of miracle that is. Another miracle, that this picture was taken after he ate a pb&j sandwich and I didn't have to photoshop any off his shirt or face.

Lucy. And her hair. We both have a love/hate relationship with it. It's so pretty and thick but it gets so tangled and she has a very sensitive scalp. Every week or so during a shampoo or hair brushing "event" (and yes, they are "events") she tells me she wants to cut it short. I don't have a problem with this, I think she looks adorable in a bob too and I know there will be less tears in my life, I do insist that she wait three days without changing her mind because once it is done, it is done...still hasn't happened yet. And I'm sure if I tried even a bit to convince her, it would happened. But then I see pictures like this and think "No! Your pretty hair!" We are both torn.

Now Norah, well, I don't have issue with her hair. At least not yet. But this is the only shot I got of her that day.

Don't worry, her 6 month post is coming up soon and I'm sure I'll find a few blog worthy images to share.

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