Brain Dump, read at your own risk

I think I've lost my writting mojo. Either that or having three kids have taken all my free time and brain cells away. So I'm just try writing with no plan and see what comes out. Sorry if it's awful! One thing that this fall break has shown me is that, yes, homeschooling uses up the naptime that I might otherwise be able to use to accomplish things but no, having one naptime available wouldn't suddenly make me supermommy, able to finish a long to-do list in a single morning and still get some sitting down quiet time for herself. Because this is what today's naptime consisted of:

Jonah: Mommy, I pooped.
Me: Put semi-sleeping baby that really needed another couple minutes of nursing down in bed and hope she stays asleep while I rush out and wipe things that need wiping.
Norah: stirring, falls back asleep
Me: Okay, a miracle, fix a drink, send this quick email and then I can read my book in peace for a few minutes while kids color and then try to write that blog post.
Me: fix a drink (chai latte for the win!)
two seconds later...
Lucy: He's hogging all the colors!
Jonah: I want them (he doesn't even try to deny it).
Me: Get up and review oil pastel rules, return to drink, take one sip
two seconds later...
Lucy: He's calling my picture nasty!
Jonah: Because I don't like it!
Me:Get up and review kind words rules (#1 - We do not hurt one another with unkind words or deeds and #2 If you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all and #3 Don't ask someone their opinion if you don't want it (and if they are a little turd of a toddler, okay, that one was just in my head)
two seconds later...
Me: Return to computer, take another sip
Me: Finally send email - after reviewing meeting minutes and converting documents to pdf and double checking some info. So, not very quickly at all.
Me: Okay, now I can sit on the couch for a second and drink my now cold drink.
two seconds later...
Norah: Babababa - aka, the universal sign that the baby is no longer asleep.

Oh well, those two sips were quite nice. And actual, right now the kids are coloring semi-nicely. I mean, yes, there is an argument about how much glue exactly is "dot, dot, not a lot" but I'm not getting involved yet. The baby is enjoying playing with/sucking on my already broken headphones so I'm just letting her. And this blog post is getting written although it was meant to be a book review and as you can see, it is not.

Overall, the break has been good. I've gotten my entire fall cleaning list done and only added three tasks to Craig's in the process. (Things like replace the bathroom doorknob with one that I can easily unlock from the outside, ahem). And I was really ambitious when I wrote it, even including moving the fridge to vacuum behind it and washing the curtains. I didn't think I'd get to everything but just doing a couple a day we plowed through. This week we've got birthday plans for the soon to be four year old, a couple more adventure days and I'll be attempting to put a few freezer meals up for those crazy days that will come.

And then Term 3! I think I'm ready, kinda-sorta. We ended up having a lot more outside the house things that I planned for this fall. They've already started so I'm not sure if also having school will make it easier since the rest of the day's routine will be in place, or if they stress they are causing me will be the many straws that break my back and I'll be wishing it was December already. None of them are big in and of themselves but they add up and now Craig's got a couple work trips that I wasn't expecting and this momma is feeling overwhelmed. It's probably partly caused by the fact that I spent yesterday putting lots of things on my calendar. I have to keep reminding myself not to borrow worry. Today is fine, tomorrow is too. And look, I even wrote a blog post today!

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  1. You should have seen me at co-op today. I had a baby escaping down a hallway, a preschooler poop emergency, and multiple parents wanting to tell me about things going wrong. (I'm a board member at our co-op now.)
    It was so ridiculous all I could do was laugh. (Did I mention there was poop on the FLOOR at one point?)