A Mother's Daybook

Oops.  Wrote this last week and thought I had clicked publish but I guess not. Life with a Norah-toddler does not leave a lot of time for blogging but I'm hoping I'll get back to a regular schedule with it sometime soon. Or at least by the time she graduates high school ;-)

Listening - To fun stuff with my brand new wireless earbuds. I'm too cheap to buy a fancy pair but so far I'm really loving these SoundPEATS. (That's not an affiliate link just a hey, I thought you too might like decent cheap headphones link) So now I can finally listen to podcasts and librovox recordings while doing chores around the house. I still need to get better at using them to pause and play instead of going back to my phone because its often in another room and I have to just miss a bit while the kids are talking to me but I'll still take it!

Recovering - From the In-laws visit. Don't get the wrong idea, the visit itself was lovely but the kids always need a bit of a detox after family leaves as we adjust to our regular routine again and it always seems to hit one kid the hardest. Which kid varies but one kid each time which I suppose is better than all three at once. This time it was Lucy. I tried to give her some grace because I knew she was upset about them leaving but my limit was eventually reached today. But Norah needed an extra nap today as part of her recovery which kinda made up for Lucy.

Enjoying - My new clean garage. Craig and his dad spent Tuesday loading up a bagster full of stuff while his mom watched the kids play out in the amazingly gorgeous weather and I swept and sorted smaller stuff. I don't think the garage has looked so nice since we moved in. It was a project we had hoped to get to later this spring but it feels so good to have it done early. Don't worry, we did have fun with them too. Low key fun things - small Superbowl party, shopping, lunch out at Cheesecake factory (with a carryout dessert), a Carousel ride, lots of books read and new lego sets assembled.

Watching - The Wizard of Oz. The newest installment of our "Read the book then watch the movie." So far, I'm not sure the kids are impressed. Jonah's a bit frightened and Lucy keeps pointing out all the things the movie is doing wrong. In fact, at one point she told me that "If you hadn't told me that this was The Wizard of Oz, I don't think I would have known. It's really nothing the same." That was before Dorothy got to Oz. I think its gotten a little more accurate since but the Munchkin are not all blue and I guess they are supposed to be. I haven't read the books myself (the kids listened to the first two via librovox during quiet time) but I already know Jonah's favorite part about the Oz being a humbug is missing from the movie so tomorrow we'll watch the rest and see if the kids forgive me for suggesting it or not.

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