7 months!

No, he didn't get younger. I just realized I had his 7 months post as a draft still. And I haven't even written his 9th month one but as he's almost 10 months old, I guess it's kinda late. But I will try and get the 10th one done. Poor 4th child ;-)

Oh Jude, you're just getting more and more personality with every passing month!

This month you were all about the food. You started solids strong and now your more and more insistent on getting exactly what everyone else has, even if it isn't really baby appropriate (you did not seem to like everyone eating bacon without you tonight!) And when you want something, you certainly know how to let us know. At the table, its mostly this deep grunt. The grunting is almost exclusively done in your high chair but its pretty much a constant through each meal and it kind of hilarious. I need to capture it on film except when you're grunting, my hands are normally busy keeping you happy by providing food so no time to stop and film or that grunting will become screaming.

The screaming is not a table only thing. You love to scream. It's a mostly happy scream though. You just know you've got to be loud to get everyone's attention - so you're loud! You love all the attention, especially from your brother and sisters. They'll look at you and you just stop and smile so big.

You're a pro at sitting and getting yourself from your belly up into a sit and back to a downward dog and can do all the individual components of crawling. Like moving your hands forward or picking up your knees and scooting them in. You just don't actually crawl. Maybe this is your month to start?

You don't mind playing on the floor but  even with just army crawling, you're super fast so we're having to be careful. You already found some dog food (and yes, tried to eat it) which frankly amazed me because Lizzie does not tend to leave any leftovers. But you're just as happy being worn.

You had your first round of croup this month and it was a bad one. But you loved all the people at the emergency room so you had them fooled for a few minutes until they brought out the stethoscope and could tell mom was right and it was time for the nebulizer (a first for me too! Never needed any professional help for dealing with croup before but Anne Shirley wasn't around with her so we had to rely on modern medicine this time). Luckily you bounced back quickly.

It was another busy travel month for you. That brings you to over 10 states I think? You're such a happy baby. When leaving the plane after our long flight from Hawaii to Colorado, I heard someone say "What? I didn't even know there was a baby on the plane?" Now, I don't feel the need to keep your existence a secret, babies are people too, but it was a nice flight!

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