Next 5

My problem is not normally a lack of ideas but too many. That is especially true now that I’ve joined pinterest. But it always seems that when I actually have the resources to put an idea into place, I forget what I wanted to do or am to overwhelmed and so ever get around to anything.

So I started a new page in my “mom notes” notebook - my next 5. I keep other lists with tons of ideas and I have a lot saved on pinterest but my next 5 is the place I go to when I want to implement. And I don’t necessarily have 5 in all categories, sometimes I just have one or two, but I won’t let myself have more than five. Here are a few of my current “next 5”

Books to read:
  • A Charlotte mason companion type book (I've read two of her own books but want to get a summarized version as well)
  • Bible training (not discipline) book (Recommendations anyone?)
  • Miss Pettigrew lives for a day
Things to buy: (not literally, that would be bread, milk, fruit, veggies and p.b.) these are more splurgy things for when I have bonus money/swagbucks burning a whole in my pocket)
  • Wool unders for Lucy (Got a awesome thred-up coupon so splurged some from these last week!)
  • Praise/Bible verse CD
  • Indoor shoes/slippers for Lucy (love these)
  • Art prints for Lucy’s reading nook
  • Christmas/Advent items: (beeswax?) advent candles and Lucy still doesn’t have a stocking!
Lucy projects
  • Self-serve water station
  • Rearrange clothes for independent dressing
  • Lacing activity
  • Music station
  • Montessori rough/smooth boards

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  1. Great idea! I have a large cloud of should-be-doing items floating above my head right now. You inspired me to make a list (of 6) for this weekend while my husband is home to help with baby duties and errands (4) to run next week. Thanks for the motivation.