Mark Maker

As I mentioned in our first post of 2009, I am a Maker's Mark Ambassador. It's not quite as prestigious as it sounds - I signed up on their website. As an Ambassador, I am supposed to promote the fine Kentucky bourbon whiskey (I think this post counts; to become an Ambassador, go here). As a reward, there is a barrel o' whiskey with my name on it. When it is ready, I can buy some of it. It also means I get a Christmas gift each year. Two years ago it was some gift bags and wrapping paper. Last year it was an ice cube tray for making bourbon balls (the tray makes 4 perfectly spherical ice cubes). Here is this year's present, which just arrived in the mail:

A bottle sweater! Isn't that festive?


  1. Have you ever had a bourbon ball? Eh, gag, blech just thinking about the last batch I tasted. Sorry.

    BUT, very cute sweater. Way to spread the holiday cheer, Maker's Mark. So very festive.

  2. I could put it on her doll, maybe.