Making My Mark

We went with my in-laws to the Maker's Mark Distillery in Loretto, KY a few days ago to learn all about their bourbon-making process. Unlike the people at the Jack Daniels Distillery, the MM folks let you taste their product (this may be because JD is produced in a dry Tennessee County). If you recall our March 2006 Spring Break Tasting Tour, you remember that MacKenzie was not a fan of the beverages we tried. See the photos here and here to refresh your memory, or to see them for the first time, if you are a new reader (and we get many of those per day).

Well, things were no different when she tasted the smooth, golden, 90-proof goodness. MacKenzie was not a fan:

I, however, enjoyed it like a true connoisseur:

I also dipped my own bottle with the distinctive Maker's Mark wax seal:

And for my first act as an MM Ambassador, let me inform you that, in MM, wheat replaces the traditional rye, giving MM a smoother taste. It is also distilled to no higher than 130 proof, the lowest in the industry, to preserve its mellow grain characteristics. Give it a try.


  1. Is that MacKenzies reaction to the burbon or the goatee? (Just kidding)

  2. mm is a fab whiskey. i wish i was mature enough to enjoy whiskey more.