Props to Me

I would say that this post is more self-centered than typical, but really, aren't most blogs generally pretty self-centered? Anyone, there are several things that I am proud of myself for this week so I though I would share.

1) We both had off Monday so we wanted to do something fun. After racking our brains, the best we could come up with was Waco! Okay, so it isn't the coolest place but we did have fun. We went to two museums, a natural history museum and the Dr. Pepper museum. But the props to me part? I left my camera at home and just enjoyed spending time with my husband. I love taking pictures but sometimes you just have to live in the moment. I wasn't sure if I would be able to hand it, but I did.

2) We ate a lot of weird veggies this week. Monday we had roasted turnips, parsnip and rutabagas. They ended up kinda mushy but I think that is method not vegetable related (roasted them in the crockpot while we were off and about on Monday) and all three were pretty good although I had a hard time telling the difference between the turnips and rutabagas once they were in roasted squares. Actually I had a hard time telling the differnce between them at all, the recipe only called for rutabagas but I bought turnips by mistake. Stores really should label them better. I feel pretty confident that I could easily add one of them into my normal roasted veggie meals with ease.

I also added some cabbage to my normal stir fry recipe. Now cabbage isn't really a crazy vegetable but I don't think I have made a meal containing cabbage in over a year so I'm counting it. Overall, that New Year's Resolution are going well.

3) I went to the "women's" doctor. This shouldn't be a big deal but I haven't actually been since the check-up I had 6 month's before I got married. Yes, that would make it 2.5 years ago. But I really don't like any doctor and to give myself some credit I had insurance issues these last 6 months so I couldn't really get it done until now.

Sidenote A) I got to the hospital complex but had no idea where I was supposed to go so naturally, I asked the help desk. The little old lady with the volunteer pin had me repeat myself 3 times then finally sent me to the basement. I thought that was an odd place to house the women's center and when I got there, it just didn't seem right. Then I saw the sign for "Wound Center." Now, not only do I feel like I properly enuciated, you would think she would use context clues to help her out. I was a women and not bleeding profusely, so women's center would seem more likely.

Sidenote B) Once down in the basement, I got really lost. I asked a nurse but she didn't know where it was so she found two other (female) nurses and none of them knew. By this time I was a little worried because shouldn't one of the three women at least know where it was. I mean, it's like a mom working at a hospital not knowing where the pediatricians are? Did it have such a bad reputation that hospital employees won't go there? Finally, a security guard overheard us and volunteered to show me where it was, which led to some interesting conversations about his tour in Vietnam and President Obama.

Sidenote C) I sat across from the sonogram room while waiting between the blood pressure part and the actual seeing a doctor part and that is a great place to sit. A couple came out and the guy was super excited because they were having a boy. I was the first person he saw so of course he had to tell me, and every single person he saw as they were leaving. I could still hear him out in the waiting room telling everyone "it's a boy, yep, another boy, oh man, I'm going to have my own basketball team..." It was adorable. Overall, it was a very unique doctor's visit.


  1. Yay for you and your new years resolution keeping, and for going to the doctor! As awkward and scary as it is, its better than finding out too late that you're sick. At this point, I don't know if Craig could make it on his own.

  2. I am so envious, I LOVE Dr. Pepper!