What to Buy?

Being as it is my anniversary, I thought I'd look at the list of traditional gifts for each year, to know what to look for. Well, apparently some women got ahold of the list, because the gifts have changed, and the new ones cost much more. For example, the second year gift was once cotton, but now it's china. Next year, I'm supposed to buy crystal instead of the traditional leather. I'm not going to stand for this! It's cotton for you, MacKenzie; maybe a nice T-shirt or something.

Actually, I skipped ahead to the old year eleven gift: steel. Don't laugh; she liked it:

Happy Anniversary, MacKenzie. May our marriage outlast our cookware.


  1. If she burns pans the way I do it will! Happy Anniversary!!

  2. Always get a better gift... she deserves it.

    Happy Anniversary you guys.

  3. :) Happy Anniversary! Did you guys go back to the church where you were married to celebrate? Yeah, some of those gift lists are ridiculous. Like the gem for one year is gold (which raises quite a few questions...such as why do they think gold is a gem? That and do they think I'm Trump?)

  4. We went to Johny Carinos and sat in the same booth where we had our first date. We might have gone to the church or the animal industries (proposal site) afterwards but it was cold.

    Also, if you had asked the pre-married me if I thought a pot set was an acceptable anniversary gift, I would have replied that I didn't have to worry about getting practical gifts because Craig would always get me something sweet and romantic. Two years later and I could not have been more thrilled with my pots and pans. But the younger me was correct too, I just didn't know pots could be romantic.

  5. Happy Anniversary!!!